About Tork Turbo

Tork Turbo; Turbocharger and Turbocharger spare parts are a joint-stock company that plans and manufactures in accordance with the needs and demands of the customers. Turbo Turbo has 15 years of manufacturing experience in the sector, started to make R & D and market studies in 2016 and started production as of 2017. With our team of engineers, our priority customers are to deliver quality products in compliance with international norms and safe products at reasonable prices.

Our manufacturing

Tork Turbo manufactures in a 1000 m2 factory in Esenyurt, Istanbul. All of the products manufactured by our company use fully automatic CNC machines. 90% of the turbocharger parts, we manufacture in our own facilty and the remaining 10% of the parts are such as Bolts, nuts, o-rings and ring etc.

In the process starting with 3D drawing, all CNC processes, 3D measurements, high speed balancing, quality control, assembly and packaging are done at our own facility.

Why Tork Turbo?

Nowadays, the automotive spare parts business is very important, and for you as spare parts for your car is very important as well. We know the importance of buying good quality products that will not cause any problems, so we work without sacrificing quality.

When you buy a turbocharger, you may encounter many problems. Many firms do not guarantee even for the original spare parts, while it is impossible to find an addresee for far eastern products. We, as TORK TURBO, give full guarantee to every product we produce with the advantage and confidence that we have as a manufacturer.

Thanks to our advanced production and quality control methods, you can safely choose the turbo we manufacture. In the process of using our products, you can find a interlocutor at each stage.